Trend Alert : Glossy Lids

Glossy lids seems to be a thing that has picked up traction and has officially taken off. Honestly, we're obsessed with the look, although we have yet to try it, it just seems so effortless. You know, a little done up but not too much, just a little peek of interest like 'I can't put my finger on it, but I'm feeling her look' kind of thing. Are you guys feeling this trend? Let us know, drop your thought in the comments. 


As we have stated before we haven't tried this look out yet, but we have done some research and spoke to a makeup artist and here are the super easy steps to achieve the look of a glossy lid.
Step 1: Apply eyeshadow (optional)
Step 2: Grab your favorite lip gloss, if you want color you can use one with color, if not then use a clear gloss topper. If you do not have lip gloss, vaseline works just as good. Make sure not to use a lip gloss that's super sticky (don't want your lids sticking to your lashes, etc.)
Step 3: Apply
Step 4: You're all done!

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